What is LiUU?

LiUU (from “Lift Us Up“) was created with one goal: to save as many businesses as possible from the moment of crisis they are experiencing, by providing them with an innovative way to collect funds when they need it the most.

We want to achieve this by tapping into that sense of community that normally surrounds the small and local businesses. Together, we can overcome these dark times, and prepare for future successes.

For this reason, we have created the first crowdliquidity platform in the world: so that those who have not been hit by the crisis can help those who have been hit the hardest. In a simple and transparent way.

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Why did we launch the first crowdliquidity platform now?

italy 1The moment of crisis that we are experiencing has brought many small and medium sized businesses to their knees, revealing the need for a new and innovative financing instrument.

Many companies have proven to be financially sound in the past, but for many that is not enough to survive a crisis like the one caused by the current pandemic. These companies are in a time of scarce liquidity: despite continuously facing expenses (taxes, rents, bills), they have seen their revenues drastically reduced.

We all know that this situation is temporary, but without the necessary liquidity many businesses will not be able to reopen, or will be forced to close again (this time forever) in a few months.

So, here’s our idea: to offer a platform where businesses can turn to their customers (and future potential customers), to ask for liquidity today, in exchange for a product, service or benefit that will be delivered in the future. The concept is similar to that of crowdfunding, but is based on very different premises. If you are interested in the difference between crowdliquidity, crowdfunding and traditional bank loans, you can find out more here.

What advantages do you have as a supporter of LiUU?

Simple, you get the great products and services you know and love from your favourite businesses, maybe even at a discounted price. You also have the benefit of knowing you’re helping them stay open in these difficult times. Support a business now

What advantages do you have as a business using LiUU to raise liquidity? 

Within ten minutes you can have your campaign up and running, sharing your first products or services with your social media followers and those who love your business.

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