LiUU is the world's first crowdliquidity platform.

LiUU stands for Lift Us Up. Crowdliquidity is an innovative financial instrument where:

    • Existing companies can raise liquidity at low cost, in exchange of services or products to be delivered at a future date
    • Clients (existing and prospective) can support businesses, in exchange for special offers / discounts on services / products to be collected at a future date

Thanks to LiUU, businesses affected by a liquidity shortage are able to easily collect the money needed to get back on their feet.

"Extraordinary moments require extraordinary measures. Crowdliquidity is our extraordinary response to the crisis that is bringing small businesses to their knees."

Isabella Sorace, Creator of crowdliquidity

What is crowdliquidity exactly?


Crowdliquidity is a combination of “crowd” and “liquidity”.

It is the result of a collaborative process. A group of people support an existing business, which is temporarily in a difficult financial situation or in need of liquidity for other reasons, such as financing new equipment.

Support comes in the form of immediate offers of liquidity to the business, through the purchase of a product or service for future delivery.

Essentially, crowdliquidity is a bottom-up micro-financing practice mobilizing people and resources.

Get immediate financial help for your business

If you have a business which is in financial difficulty, you are in the right place. 

We will soon launch the platform, and if you want to benefit from it when it’s live, sign up to our newsletter. We will email you when you can open your first campaign!

Also, the first 20 companies based in Italy to create a campaign will receive a donation from LiUU. And will not pay any transaction fees (these conditions apply).

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