Some information for your security

Whether you own a business, or you want to support a business in this time of crisis – we’re here for you.

We created LiUU, the world’s first crowdliquidity platform, because we want to facilitate the sharing of resources and liquidity.

We want to offer you a trustworthy system, which is why we are constantly trying to anticipate potential problems and review any reports received. Unfortunately, this is not always enough.

When using our platform, we ask you to keep these things in mind:

  1. LiUU is not just a webshop.

Supporting a crowdliquidity campaign means helping out a struggling business. Our goal is that these activities recover and can deliver the promised products/services/benefits. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

  1. Merchants are responsible for their own promotion.

Our suggestion to merchants is to reach out to existing customers, at least at the beginning of a campaign. This is because, to provide short/medium-term liquidity, you need to trust the person receiving such funds. If you want to support a merchant you don’t know yet, we recommend doing some research first.

  1. Supporters are responsible for their own decisions.

When you decide to help a struggling business, you’re taking a financial risk. It is up to you to assess this risk: we at LiUU only offer a platform, but the contract is signed directly between the supporter and the merchant.

  1. Some campaigns will not make it.

Some activities, even with our help, may not make it, and this is something you should consider when using our platform. The funds you provide are directly sent to the business, so LiUU does not provide any guarantee that such commercial activity will eventually receive sufficient funds not to close, and therefore fulfill all the obligations towards its supporters.

  1. We’re counting on you.

We do our best to ensure that every campaign presented on LiUU meets our standards and terms of service. If you have reason to believe that a campaign on our platform represents dishonest or misleading information, please report it to us at support(at)

To ensure your security, we have also set some rules for ourselves:

  1. We invest in safety.

Our platform is just born, but we already take your security seriously.  To ensure your safety, our systems are kept up to date, we do not store your payment method and every interaction you have with the website is done via extended validation SSL certification, which is the highest and safest possible SSL available.

  1. We are responsive.

When you send an email concerning security to our office at support(at), you can rest assured that we will take your report seriously. We are also ready to close any campaign that is not inline with our standards, rules and terms of use.