Promotional campaign "Lift Us Up!" - Powered by LiUU"

Please note that the  promotional campaign is currently limited to the Italian market. You can still open a campaign in a different country, as per our standard terms and conditions!

Our team worked day and night to develop the world’s first crowdliquidity platform. The day of launch has arrived, and you have a unique opportunity to make history with us!

The crowdliquidity platform has been launched in beta version, so we are looking for businesses to test it with us. The beta version is fully functional, but since it’s the first launch it might need a little touch-up here and there… So, to encourage the first users, we offer special conditions to the first arrivals!

For the first 20 commercial activities based in Italy that will open a cash collection campaign on LiUU:

  • The service is offered at no cost: no commission for the use of the platform
  • We cover transaction costs up to a maximum of €10 per business activity
  • LiUU will donate the first 20€ of the liquidity collection campaign

What do we ask in return? Nothing! But if you feel grateful, we ask you to help us like this:

  • Fill out your campaign as best you can to increase your chances of success.
  • Help us to be known: your campaign will be successful as long as you promote it among your customers and your contacts in general. In doing so, if possible, we also ask you to promote LiUU and our crowdliquidity platform
  • Send us your feedback: we’re launching the platform in beta, because we’re still working on improving it. If you have any comments to leave us about it, don’t hesitate to email us here:
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