The advantages for supporters

Businesses use crowdliquidity by LiUU for a variety of reasons. It could be that they wish to expand and improve their business, without using a loan from a bank, but it could also be a genuine need of support. The current pandemic has caused record numbers of businesses to file for bankruptcy. Many otherwise healthy businesses are struggling to make ends meet and prevent laying off staff.

With crowdliquidity you can help your local businesses that need liquidity. Of course, while helping them, you get some benefits for yourself! Many of the businesses have big discounts for their loyal customers, check it out!

Raise money with LiUU, supporting small businesses
The advantages of supporting a crowdliquidity campaign

Why is LiUU convenient for customers?


With a small contribution, you can make a difference and help a business in difficulty, and all the people who depend on it


We all have a favourite shop, a bar, a hotel or a theater. With crowdliquidity you can make sure the businesses with a special place in your heart remain open in the future


Having purchased a product or service with future delivery, you have plenty of time to enjoy waiting - as someone said, waiting for pleasure is itself pleasure!


Businesses can reward their loyal customers by offering them special discounts through LiUU


Your money is sent directly to the business, and you receive a receipt from LiUU for your purchase, which you can use in the future to collect your product or use the service


On LiUU you always see which collection target the business has set, and how many funds it has already raised, in complete transparency