Advantages for the businesses

Crowdliquidity is designed specifically for existing businesses needing a liquidity boost.

LiUU allows you to sell products, services and other benefits to old and new customers alike. The best thing, is that you can set the delivery date in the future and ensure a stable future cash flow for your business.

Improve your customer retention and customer loyalty by providing valuable services and products for a future date. This helps to bind your customers and gives them something to look forward to in the future.

Happy users of LiUU
Some of the advantages you benefit from, when you open a crowdliquidity campaign

Why is LiUU good for the businesses?


With crowdliquidity you increase your customers retention and loyalty, as they will have a greater incentive to use your services and buy your products in the future


Thanks to LiUU, you can get liquidity as soon as your supporters decide to help you


You decide the conditions for returning the funds you’ll collect (in the form of products and services)


The costs of using our platform are on average lower than the overall cost of a bank loan


We will provide you with a system for tracking fundraising


When the customer shows up at your business, you can easily check through LiUU which products or services he has purchased (and if he/she has already used all or part of it)

What advantages do you have as a supporter of LiUU?

Simple, you get the great products and services you know and love from your favourite businesses, maybe even at a discounted price. You also have the benefit of knowing you’re helping them stay open in these difficult times. Support a business now

What advantages do you have as a business using LiUU to raise liquidity? 

Within ten minutes you can have your campaign up and running, sharing your first products or services with your social media followers and those who love your business.

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